Who we are: Mission – Vision

Our mission is to provide children in underserved communities access to computer resources and education to better prepare them to compete in the digital world.

We envision a world where all children have the same opportunity to succeed regardless of income levels.

Our Relevance

The passion for our vision stems from a few simple facts:

  • Only 40% of our schools teach computer programming – and in underserved communities this number is much lower.
  • Computer programming is introduced in the 1st grade in most private schools in India – and in most schools in China.
  • In England computer science is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 16.
  • The number of software professionals graduating in India and China is 5 to 10 times the number graduating in the US.
  • In a digital world and a global economy – our children – especially from our underserved communities, are not equipped to compete and succeed.

The facts are clear and resounding. Coding is a must for all of our children just like learning the English language is a must. Our underserved communities will fall further behind unless we act now.